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Change log

Version 0.3 - 2020/12/07

  • Added checkbox to de-mean plotted signals, making it easier to visualise both channels when they have different baselines.

  • Firmware is now automatically transferred to pyboard by the GUI removing the need for the user to manually copy files to the board.

  • Improved handling of serial communication errors during acquisition.

  • GUI launcher is now in the pyPhotometry root directory.

  • Added informative error message on failure to import dependencies.

  • Added button icons.

Version 0.2.1 2019/05/10

  • Fixed bug that caused GUI to crash if an invalid value was entered for plot axis limits.

  • Added calculation of digital input pulse times and sample numbers to import_ppd function in

  • Improved error handling so errors always provide an error messagewith a traceback indicating where the error occurred.

  • Removed Pyperclip dependency.

  • Moved hardware configuration to file that is loaded on the pyboard. Allows boards with different configurations to be run using the same GUI.

Version 0.2 - 2018/11/08

Version detailed in Scientific Reports Manuscript.

  • Added functionality to save data as .csv files.

  • Added function for importing .ppd files into Matlab.

Version 0.1 - 2018/10/02

Version detailed in Biorxiv manuscript.