Original optical setup

The table below lists the set of components reported in the original pyPhotometry manuscript, that can be used with the acquisition board for red/green two colour photometry experiments.

For assembly instructions see the hardware user guide.

Name Quantity Part Supplier
Photoreciever 2 Newport 2151 with lensed FC adapter Doric
465nm LED 1 CLED_465 Doric
560nm LED 1 CLED_560 Doric
Minicube 1 FMC5_E1(450-490)_F1(500-540)_E2(550-580)_F2(600-680)_S Doric
Fiber patchcord: LED - Minicube 2 MFP_200/220/LWMJ-0.48_0.3m_FCM-FCM Doric
Fiber patchcord: Minicube - Photoreciever 2 MFP_600/630/LWMJ-0.48_0.3m_FCM-FCM Doric
Fiber patchcord: Rotary-sample 1 MFP_200/220/900-0.48_1m_FCM-MF1.25 Doric
Pigtailed rotary joint 1 FRJ_1x1_PT_200/230/LWMJ-0.48_1m_FCM_0.2m_FCM Doric
FC-FC adapter 1 ADAPTER_FC style 2 Doric
Optical breadboard 150x300mm metric 1 MB1530F/M Thorlabs
M6 - M3 thread adapter 4 MSA6/M Thorlabs
Clamp for minicube 1 CL3/M Thorlabs
Clamp for photodetector 2 MSC2 Clamping Fork for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screw Thorlabs
Pillar for photodetector 2 TRP14/M Ø12 mm Pedestal Pillar Post Thorlabs
M6 screw 12mm 4 SH6MS12 Thorlabs
USB A - micro B cable 1.8m 1 121-3251 RS
BNC cable 0.3m: Photoreciever to acquisition board 2 886-0706 RS
M3 screw 10mm 4 660-4636 RS
M3 spacer 3mm 4 161-3676 RS
M6 x 45mm 2 468-0133 RS

Updated optical setup

Since the pyPhotometry manuscript was published Doric have updated their line of Photometry equipment, introducing minicubes with integrated LEDs and Photodetectors. We have not tested these ourselves but from the information online it looks like they are a simpler and more convenient solution than the original optical setup which likely also gives better signal quality. Below is a list of components for a red/green two-color system using the updated components.

Description Supplier supplier part number Quanitity
Mini-cube with integrated LEDs and photodetectors Doric ilFMC5-G2_E1(460-490)_F1(500-540)_E2(555-570)_F2(580-680)_S 1
Pigtailed fiber optic rotary joint Doric FRJ_1x1_PT_200-0.57_1m_FCM_0.15m_FCM 1
Rotary joint holder Doric Holder_FRJ_Small 1
FC_FC adapter Doric ADAPTER_FC 1
Fiber patch cord 1m (rotary to sample) Doric MFP_200/230/900-0.57_1m_FC-MF1.25(F)_LAF 1
pyPhotometry board OEPS pyPhotometry 1
BNC cable 1m Farnell 2911072 2
M8 cable for LEDs 1m Farnell 3238565 2