The table below lists a set of components that can be used with the acquisition board for red/green two colour photometry experiments. For assembly instructions see the hardware user guide.

Name Quantity Part Supplier
Photoreciever 2 Newport 2151 with lensed FC adapter Doric
465nm LED 1 CLED_465 Doric
560nm LED 1 CLED_560 Doric
Minicube 1 FMC5_E1(450-490)_F1(500-540)_E2(550-580)_F2(600-680)_S Doric
Fiber patchcord: LED - Minicube 2 MFP_200/220/LWMJ-0.48_0.3m_FCM-FCM Doric
Fiber patchcord: Minicube - Photoreciever 2 MFP_600/630/LWMJ-0.48_0.3m_FCM-FCM Doric
Fiber patchcord: Rotary-sample 1 MFP_200/220/900-0.48_1m_FCM-MF1.25 Doric
Pigtailed rotary joint 1 FRJ_1x1_PT_200/230/LWMJ-0.48_1m_FCM_0.2m_FCM Doric
FC-FC adapter 1 ADAPTER_FC style 2 Doric
Optical breadboard 150x300mm metric 1 MB1530F/M Thorlabs
M6 - M3 thread adapter 4 MSA6/M Thorlabs
Clamp for minicube 1 CL3/M Thorlabs
Clamp for photodetector 2 MSC2 Clamping Fork for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screw Thorlabs
Pillar for photodetector 2 TRP14/M Ø12 mm Pedestal Pillar Post Thorlabs
M6 screw 12mm 4 SH6MS12 Thorlabs
USB A - micro B cable 1.8m 1 121-3251 RS
BNC cable 0.3m: Photoreciever to acquisition board 2 886-0706 RS
M3 screw 10mm 4 660-4636 RS
M3 spacer 3mm 4 161-3676 RS
M6 x 45mm 2 468-0133 RS